We are excited to announce the release of our latest music video, "Hey You! It's Your Birthday," which is totally...

ZFB had a great weekend playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on Saturday, 11/2/19!

The band convened at Casa Marcil on Friday night, where...

We are looking forward to playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on 11/2/19!  We'll be playing at 10:20 p.m. on the stage outside the Half Wall craft beer house on Indiana Ave! C'mon out and cheer us on!  

This past weekend, ZFB convened once again at the fabled MPQ Studio! Our first order of business as the writing and recording of a brand new song, Hey You! It's Your Birthday, a fun...

 Zen Fuse Box and adjunct member and special guest star Alan Stegeman had a blast at the B-52s show this evening! Also on the bill were 80's icons Berlin and OMD.

Our latest single is available for you to enjoy! We're excited to release our psychedelic tribute to The Beatles with our rendition of their classic Tomorrow Never Knows, which is one of our favorites from their Revolver album. This one features Rich on some trippy guitars and spoken word, Steve on lead vocals and bass, and Pete on lead vocals and harmonica. Stick around for the short vignette at the end which recounts Rich's beer spilling on the studio floor (a fairly common occurrence).

Steve is spending some time in the mountains of North Carolina, and is strumming away at his acoustic guitar in the cool, clean air. Hopefully some of this strumming will result in a new ZFB song or two! 

Steve is busy in the studio working on the mix for a new rocker called What It Is.

With the release of Turnpike to Jupiter looming, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at our chronology of our releases to date:

12/21/10 Zero Down Time - our debut full length CD

12/03/13 Confused: The EP - an collection of new and old tunes, plus some rarities

09/29/14 Dogs in Helicopters -our second full length CD

11/14/14 Taylor Swift Broke Up With Spotify - single

01/09/15 Old Ed's Eye (Are You Representing Beyoncé?) - single

01/20/15 Old Ed's Other Eye (For Team Jay-Z) -single

11/23/15 Greenhouse Blues (live) - single

02/05/16 Volcano! - single

06/16/16 Pulse (The City Beautiful) - single

08/12/16 Sound Revival -full length covers album

03/15/17 Guitarist Needed, Inquire Within- single

01/23/18 She's a Liar - single

03/02/18 John Oliver - single

Our very own Steve Davis recently recorded the final little tidbits to be included as part of our upcoming CD Turnpike to Jupiter! The album has been mixed and is in the process of final mastering.  Look for the CD to be released quite soon!  If you want a little preview of the album, head on over to Spotify or iTunes to check out the song John Oliver, which has already been released as a single!

Our lead vocalist and driver of the Winnebago, Peter Preston, recently took part in a podcast for Polk State College where he discussed all things ZFB and then some! The release date of the podcast is to be announced, but we will sure announce it!

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in one epic session on January 13, 2018, She's a Liar, is our statement on some current events. Take a listen to it and decide for yourself what it's about.  The song is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and wherever. You can also purchase a download at CD Baby -  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/zenfusebox12

The cover art was created by our daughters, who you might know as Triple A + B S, recording artists in their own right.

As the band finishes up the mixes for our upcoming Turnpike to Jupiter album, we also...

Zen Fuse Box is resting comfortably after a whirlwind 2 day tour of Florida's east coast!

The band convened on Friday, November 3, 2017 at a luxury

This past weekend, the members of ZFB convened at MPQ studios to celebrate the release of Sound Revival, and to do a commemorative community listen to the new CD.

Of course, we took the opportunity...

Zen Fuse Box is proud to announce the release of our third full-length album, entitled Sound Revival. After two CD's of original music, we thought we would record a short EP of cover tunes to bridge the gap until our next album. The original plan was for each member of the band to bring two songs to the table for us to cover and then release a short 6-song EP of those covers.  Of course, over time and over several beers, the ideas for cover tunes kept coming and before we knew it we had...


 In nineteen seventy three hate burned down

the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans. The French

Quarter lost thirty-two lives burned down,

down, down into hate-spawned martyrdom’s trench.


If we hate them and they live far away -

can we kill them and make them go away?

We can kill each and every one one day

and drone on and on every precious day


As the drums of destruction hammer on

as multitudes’ faiths and beliefs lean on,

all of our safety and welfares lean on

the cycle of destruction going on.


There is pain in some media spotlight

arguing who may be wrong and who right

and there is no peace in the Pulse of night,

no speeches forbidding displays of might


as though peace is a goal easy to leave

and life a treasure simple to retrieve.


Our latest release, the song Pulse (The City Beautiful) needn't ever have been written, recorded or released.  We wish we were never compelled to create a song based upon a tragedy such as the mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse night club on June 12, 2016.  However, the song sadly came...

We were excited to hear that one of our favorite radio stations, WMNF in Tampa, Florida, played one of our songs yesterday on their morning show, hosted by Sid Flannery! The Tampa Bay area's morning rush hour traffic was treated to Strollin' from our debut album, Zero Down Time! 

Two-thirds of Zen Fuse Box, Steve and Rich, spent Spring Break 2016 in Hilton Head, South Carolina! Before reporting on the activities of the week, we'd like to ponder whether Steve and Rich would be considered "Zen Fuse," "Zen Box" or "Fuse Box."  We've never been able to agree on this, probably because no one is volunteering...

On February 21, 2016, ZFB performed at ArtsFest, at Memorial Park, in downtown Stuart Florida.  We had a great time at the show!

As is our tradition, when we perform in Stuart we stay at the Old Colorado Inn, which is a lovely spot.  Upon arrival on February 20th, Pete and Steve got the grand tour before Rich arrived, and then...

Our latest song, Volcano!, is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and all that other stuff! It's decidedly sillier than some of our other work, but it is the Chinese Year of the Monkey after all.

The song can be purchased...

We are excited to report that the recording sessions for our upcoming project of cover songs have been completed!  This weekend ZFB convened at MPQ studios to drink beer.  We also worked on some music, and realized that we were...

Zen Fuse Box has lots of music in the pipeline for upcoming release! Our next project will be our CD of cover tunes, which include tunes by artists as...

We're happy to announce the release of our latest single, "Greenhouse Blues (live)," which is now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/zenfusebox7 as well as on iTunes, Spotify, and all that other stuff.

"Greenhouse Blues" was recorded live, poolside, at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Lake Worth, Florida. Or you could say...

ZFB has just returned home after an extensive, two-stop, tour of the east coast of Florida!

On Friday, November 6, 2015 the band convened at a location in Lake Worth, Florida, which will be kept confidential so as not to create a tourist attraction that might cause difficulties for the locals.  After an extensive rehearsal of one run-through of one song, the band took to the streets in search of food, beer...



In preparation for the premiere of Greenhouse Blues live at the Duncan Theater in Lake Worth, Florida this November 7, 2015: I thought it apropos to engage in a deeper analysis of this particular text. The pseudo-old-timey introduction gives a straightforward explanation of the theme.


Hey, pretty baby/ have you heard them say?/ this place is getting hotter baby/ day by day?

Seems all the things we burn/ and most the things we do

Are making it a hotter place for me and you/ no one seems to listen

Listen to the news/ No one wants to sing about the Greenhouse  


This past weekend, commencing May 29, 2015, ZFB was back in the fabled MPQ Studio to work on material for our forthcoming project of cover tunes done in a quirky Zen Fuse Box style.  We call it a "ZFB Recording Weekend," but our kids have taken to calling it "Unsupervised Kids Weekend." It turns out that both names are accurate representations of the event! We're proud to report...

This  past Saturday, May 16th, we were happy to have our buddy Alan Stegeman visit...

Art in Transit week for Polk County kicked off April 13. It's a "week long program to encourage both the use of public transportation and appreciation for the arts". Live music from Zen Fuse Box lead singer, Peter Preston, occurred at the Winter Haven bus terminal from 10 AM - noon, accompanied by Polk State College ceramics professor, Andrew Coombs, and students doing live unadulterated clay sculpting. A good time was had by most. Video via Polk Government Television (PGTV) to surface soon, complete with an interview with Preston.

The much-anticipated follow-up to Old Ed's Eye, which for some reason is entitled Old Ed's Other Eye, has arrived and can be found on an internet near you!

While Old Ed's Eye was dedicated to Beyonce, the other eye is clearly gazing at Jay-Z.  So no matter which team you're playing for, we've got you covered.

You can find Old Ed's Other Eye, as well as all of our other tunes, on iTunes, Spotify, or at www.cdbaby.com/zenfusebox


ZFB is happy to announce the release of our latest instrumental jam, Old Ed's Eye! The tune was recorded by Steve and Rich way back on New Year's Eve 2004, and nobody can remember why. On New Year's Eve 2014, we decided that on the 10th anniversary...

Happy New Year to all of our friends!

While most of you might have spent New Year's Eve celebrating and over-indulging, 2/3 of ZFB spent that time at work at MPQ Studios laying down some tracks for future projects.  Oh yeah, we over-indulged too, but that's beside the point.

Some significant work was completed on...

The new Zen Fuse Box single Taylor Swift Broke Up With Spotify is now available on CD Baby!  It should be on iTunes and Spotify in the near future!  

It's actually a Steve solo piece, written in reaction to the tragic news that pop icon Taylor Swift chose to pull her music from Spotify earlier in the week.  He wrote, recorded and mixed the tune in a quick 90 minute session on election night, November 4, 2014. The tune features Steve on acoustic guitars, bass and vocals.

The reaction from the other guys in the band has been fantastic!  Rich says, "It's clever."  Peter reports, "I'll try and listen to it later."

We're hoping for big things from this single, so visit www.cdbaby.com/zenfusebox4 and download it today! 

Confused, the first track off ZFB's Dogs in Helicopters, was written by Steve Davis early on the writing sessions for the album.  It was originally written as a plaintive ballad, but ZFB transformed it into a pop-punk anthem suitable as an album-opening track.  The acoustic demo version, as well as the final CD version can be found on www.soundcloud.com/zenfusebox and we hope you'll check it out.  If you like the track, consider downloading it from iTunes or Amazon! 

Long before the release of the tune on Dogs in Helicopters, 

Our new album Dogs in Helicopters is finally available!  It picks up where Zero Down Time left off and transcends the heights we reached on our debut CD. 

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Dogs in Helicopters on 9/29/14, we've set up a new Soundcloud page...

Dogs in Helicopters, the second full-length CD from Zen Fuse Box, will hit the streets on September 29, 2014!  


Yes, we have joined the icy bandwagon.  We nominate Britney Spears, Big Country and The Forefathers to dump freezing water on their heads (and donate some cash) for the noble purpose of fighting ALS.  Now excuse us while we towel off.

After a long recording and incubation process, ZFB's second full-length CD, Dogs in Helicopters, has reached the final stages of its production. The music and the accompanying CD cover artwork are complete and have been shipped off to our friends at Oasis CD for replication.  Assuming no unforeseen glitches in the process, the dogs should be ready for mass consumption by the end of August, 2014!

For those of you who enjoyed our debut, Zero Down Time, our new album contains the same diverse mixture of tunes and stylistic influences.  For those of you who didn't, we think this one is much, much better.  Having learned a lot from the process of creating Zero Down Time, we slowed down and allowed the tunes to simmer and develop.  As a result, we feel the resulting batch of tunes, while still catchy, quirky and genre-defying, are of higher quality both in composition and performance!

We're very excited about this release, and we hope you'll enjoy checking it out.

Check our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/zenfuseboxband - for updates, and browse our music for sale page at www.cdbaby/com/artist/zenfusebox




"Song 23" from Dogs in Helicopters will be making its world premiere on July 13, 2014 as part of a performance by the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre!

Cinco de Mayo 2014 - As part of Polk Vision and Polk State College's Art in Transit series Zen Fuse Box lead singer and harp player performed live in downtown Lakeland - stationarily and in transit.

Our latest musical output has been released!  It's called CONFUSED - THE EP. It was unleashed on December 3, 2013 in advance of our upcoming full-length CD, Dogs in Helicopters. The CD can be purchased at CD Baby by...

Newly posted on our Youtube page is a performance of Confused from November 4, 2012 at the Lake Worth Playhouse, in downtown Lake Worth, Florida.   The performance was part of another collaboration with our friends at the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre.


Confused was written by Steve and is slated to be the first track on our upcoming CD, Dogs in Helicopters.  It's also featured on our new EP, also entitled "Confused."  The EP can be purchased or downloaded at www.cdbaby.com/zenfusebox.

We're proud to say that our song, "Yesterday Always Knows" is being used today as part of another show in the Dance for Food program...

Zen Fuse Box had a great time performing at the historic Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida on November 3, 2013 as part of the Artists for a Cause "Dance for Food" program!  A recap of the weekend follows....


Check out the video for "Improv to Improv" from April, 2012!  The piece was performed at the Lyric Theatre on April 29, 2012 at the Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida.  We thoroughly enjoy collaborating with our friends at the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre, who have over the past few years developed some great choreography to our tunes, adding new depth and meaning to our material every time.

The concept of the piece was that each dancer improvised their own choreography to music being improvised by the band. This is a really daring and brave concept, or perhaps a crazy one, but we think the results are pretty cool.

An added bonus is that two elements of the piece have since evolved into separate songs "Alone With You" and "Junk in the Trunk" which will be appearing on our forthcoming CD.

Zen Fuse Box is looking forward to our show on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at the historic Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida.

We'll be joining forces with the Preston Contemporary Dance group for the world premiere of our tune, "Yesterday Always Knows," which will be on our upcoming CD, Dogs in Helicopters, slated for release in early 2014!

Steve performed with his other band, the Tomkats Jazz Orchestra on Saturday, April 27, 2013 as part of the Treasure Island Bikini Blues Bash!  The band sounded great and the bikinis were nice too.  (The band didn't wear bikinis, thankfully)

You can catch Steve with the Tomkats most Monday nights at the Blue Parrot on St. Pete Beach, FL.

Here's some video of the event, featuring our guest vocalist Joseph Ephriem.


This weekend, the staff at MPQ studios was busy mixing Steve's new song "Avert Your Gaze (Part 2)!"  The song itself is a short suite of three sections.  The first is an accapella vocal section - a first for Zen Fuse Box.  The second movement is an instrumental section in 17/16 time.  We advise that no one try to dance to this.  We tried and the results were unfortunate.  The last part is a reprise of the theme in part 1, only this time with drums, bass, guitars and a faux string section.  The song is slated for release on our upcoming CD!

We just got word from CD Baby that we sold a copy of "Zero Down Time" to a fan in Austria. 

Whoever you are -Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung!
Kind of makes you want a copy now too, doesn't it?  Check it out at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/zenfusebox or download it on Itunes! 

We had a busy and productive weekend session at MPQ Studios!  In between wings and libations (and Rich chasing our kids around the house) we got some nice stuff done!  We took our first steps at recording Peter's reggae-influenced tune, entitled "Song 23."  We also recorded vocals and guitars on Steve's "Super Spy" and vocals on "Alone With You" which is a song that grew out of our "improv" gig with the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre, which grew out of Rich's tune " The Seven" from The Forefather's Aurora album. 

ZFB had a great time performing at the historic Lake Worth Playhouse on November 4, 2012!  We participated in a terrific show for charity, "Dance For Food," which helps provide food for the needy.  A highlight of the program was performing our song "Confused" in collaboration with our friends of the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre.  They did a terrific job choreographing their dance to our tune, and danced it brilliantly as well.  We think our performance was pretty swell too.  Check out some photos from the day on our photos page!

We'll be performing at the Lake Worth Playhouse, which is coincidentally located in Lake Worth, Florida on Sunday, November 3, 2012!  We'll be collaborating with the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre as part of the "Dance for Food" benefit show.  A good time will be had by all!

Steve and Rich were able to lure their families to the mountains of North Carolina during the week of July 4th by making promises of river tubing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, picnicking and having an all-around lovely week.  Of course, the ulterior motive was to set up the MPQ Studios North Carolina Satellite location and work on some new...

We had a brilliant recording session at MPQ studio last night!  Our buddy Alan Stegeman came by to lend his mad trumpet skills to a couple of our tunes-in-progress.  Alan played a brilliant, Miles-esque solo on "I'm the One" and also took the time to orchestrate some cool trumpet backgrounds for the same tune.  Alan was also kind enough to indulge Steve with a crazy 7 part trumpet overdub on a new tune, "Super Spy." Of course, the obligatory several beers were enjoyed by all. 

We had a great time participating in the 2012 National Dance Week performance, "A Dance For Everyone" at the historic Lyric Theatre in downtown Stuart, Florida on Sunday April 29, 2012.  Our thanks again to Anna Preston for inviting us to play for the second year in a row!



We're excited to be performing at the historic Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida on Sunday April 29th!  We'll be part of the National Dance Week performance "A Dance for Everyone," with Anna Preston & Dancers.  This year we'll be performing an improvised piece of music, while the dancers simultaneously improvise their choreography.  Should be exciting!

We're nothing if not timely!  Check out our photo gallery page for some pics of us at the 2011 Porch Party Jam!

We are now active on Twitter!  How exciting for us to be able to be witty, yet informative, in 140 characters or less.  Follow us @zenfusebox!

Happy New Year to all of our friends!  We rung in 2012 in grand fashion, having won the "New Year's in Havana" talent show, despite some fierce competion from several up-and-coming artists.  We also re-entered MPQ studio and did some serious work on our upcoming sophomore CD.  Tunes in various stages of completion are Steve's Confused, So Long, and Rock Star, Peter's I'm the One, Not Music and Sweet Concerned Citizen, and Rich's Escape and Junk in the Trunk.  We can't wait for you to hear them!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays!  To celebrate, we're giving away 5 free copies of our "Zero Down Time" CD!  All you have to do to win one is follow these easy steps:

1. Go to our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/zenfuseboxband - and "like" it.

2. Post the following on our wall:  "ZFB Rocks Halloween!"

3. We'll contact the first 5 posters via Facebook to get your mailing address, and a fresh, shiny copy of our CD will be mailed to you!

 Steve and Peter had a brief, but productive, recording session at MPQ studios yesterday.  After listening to some works in progress, Peter laid down vocal tracks on two of Rich's guitar pieces, entitled "Escape" and "Junk in the Trunk."  Steve also recorded a drum track on "Escape." 

ZFB's first official music video (for the song "Dreamland") is now up on youtube.  Check it out!




Here's a link to our performance of "Back Home" at the Lyric Theatre in Stuart, FL, with Anna Preston & Dancers.

We had great fun performing last night at the beautiful Lyric Theater in Stuart, Florida, as part of the National Dance Week program entitled "A Dance for Everyone," and we're particularly grateful to Anna Preston & Dancers ( www.annaprestondancers.com ) for having choreographed and performed such an awesome dance to our music! 

The band is convening at Peter's lake house today for a rehearsal/jam session, and then tomorrow we're off to Stuart, Florida, where we'll be performing at the historic Lyric Theatre as part of the National Dance Week celebration entitled, "A Dance for Everyone."  The band is not actually expected to dance, but you never know!


Steve is busy working on a demo for a new tune entitled "So Long," which may make an appearance on our sophomore recording.

"Silly Stuff," the lead-off track from Zero Down Time, is now included on the 2011 Oasis Alternative Radio Sampler!

We're happy to announce that "Back Home," one of our tunes from Zero Down Time, will be used in the National Dance Week collaborative dance concert "A Dance for Everyone" on Sunday, May 1, 2011.

It's Steve's birthday, and to celebrate we'd like to offer you the chance to purchase our "Zero Down Time" CD at the low price of only $8.99 - this is a limited-time offer, so go to www.CDBaby.com/cd/zenfusebox and get your copy today!

Tell your friends in Japan to be on the lookout for "Zero Down Time" by THE FUSE!

We are now listed on Allmusic's website!


And we are now listed on Great Indie Music's website! http://www.greatindie.com/ipnmusic/store/list.php?item_number=700261317205

Zen Fuse Box, Zero Down Time (entire CD mp3), The debut album by a band whose members' stylistic differences and diverse influences lead to a satisfying, genre-defying end result. These guys have been looking all over for that lost eyebrow since the 1990's and they've finally found it! You can too

We're now available on Amazon! Amazon.com: zen fuse boxwww

We are very excited to announce that one of our tunes is going to be played on the "Amazing Folk Roots" show on the UK-based Amazing Radio, on Sunday January 16th at 7pm GMT (that's 2:00 p.m. for those of us in the Eastern Time zone!! For those who won't happen to be in the United Kingdom on Sunday, you can listen online at the link provided!

Welcome to Amazing Radio, the only national radio station dedicated exclusively to playing emerging and independent music. Fancy some airplay? Upload your tunes at amazingtunes.com now.

Our "Zero Down Time" tunes are now up for sale on Zune, as well as being available on iTunes, and DigStation! You can also pick up the CD at CD Baby! So whatcha waitin' for?

Our album "Zero Down Time" is now up for sale on iTunes! Check it out and please purchase the album, or individual tracks! Thanks to all for your support!

Our songs, "Silly Stuff," "Roses Red," and "Greenhouse Blues" have been selected to appear on the UK based site, Amazing Tunes, and for possible airplay on Amazing Radio! www.amazingtunes.com/users/zenfusebox

Happy New Year from Zen Fuse Box! Our annual New Year's jam resulted in some new tunes that may make it to our second album. In keeping with our "random musical style disorder" we've got a rap tune, a death metal tune and a punk-ska tune in the works.

The mostly annual Zen Fuse Box New Year's Jam is in commencement mode! Click on www.cdbaby.com/artist/zenfusebox and pick up a copy of our CD!! We need the money to make a beer run!!!!!

At long last, the CD is finally available for purchase!! Make it your New Year's resolution to visit CDBaby and grab one of these!!!    www.cdbaby.com/cd/zenfusebox 

The CD has yet to be officially released, but "Zero Down Time" is now available for mp3 downloads (the entire album, or individual tracks) at www.digstation.com !! Digstation sends 100% of the proceeds from downloads back to the artists, so please check it out and download a track or two (or all of 'em) !!

Just got word that the production of our debut CD, "Zero Down Time" is complete!  The CD's should be available soon!

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