GREENHOUSE BLUES  (music by Rich Marcil, lyrics by Peter Preston/Steve Davis)

Hey pretty baby
Have you heard them say
This place is getting hotter baby
Day by day
Seems all the things we burn
And most the things we do
Are making it a hotter place for me and you
No one seems to listen
Listen to the news
No one wants to sing about the greenhouse blues...
Yeah yeah yeah, La la la
Shooby dooby wah wah wah
It's all right if it happens again
I guess we might as well begin
I wake into the morning
And I hurt so bad
Payin' a pretty price
For all the fun that we had
Can't quite remember it all
And it makes me mad
Been going at it like this since I was a lad
It makes my family, friends and lovers all real sad
Call me a black sheep, a bad man, or just a cad
It's gettin' me nowhere but I never learn it
The answer is clear but I can't discern it
Got a flame inside, I guess I should burn it
It's a clear pattern, reckon I earned it
It's a cryin' shame
It's a cryin' shame
My own self to blame
Not gettin' nowhere
Not gettin' any fame
No one wants to know my name
They all think I'm lame
It's just the same old same
No one's glad I came
Burned too bright a flame
Just playin' the game
I got to make my claim
Before it gets t'me
I get up every morning whether I want to or not
Thank the Lord above I got three hots and a cot
Tell the druggie man that I would rather not
Partake of his most bodacious pot
Then I hit the road, give it a shot
Get some new wheels, down to the car lot
It's gettin' me nowhere but I never learn it
The answer is clear but I can't discern it
Got a flame inside, I guess I should burn it
It's a clear pattern, reckon I earned it
It's a cryin' shame
It's a cryin' shame...

       Rich: 6 and 12-String acoustic guitars, tambourine;  Peter: Vocals, harmonicas;  Steve: Bass, drums, electric guitars, vocals.


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