Home Alone - From the Zen Fuse Box album Zero Down Time

Steve: Bass, Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Vocals

Rich: Guitars

Peter: Vocals, Jaw Harp


Baby used to tell me

All the live long day

She come from Apalachicola 

Ridin' on a bale of hay

She left her ma and pa behind 

Worried and frettin' away

Goin' back to Apalachicola

Goin' back someday

Baby used to tell me

All the live long day

Jimmy cracked corn but I don't care

'Cause my baby's gone away

Now I live on the road

Eatin' nothing but pork n' beans

I heard that the end justifies the means 

But I still hate being home alone 


All the tea in China

All the rain in Spain

Couldn't help my bad self

To get her back again

Climbed the highest mountain

Down to the Mariana Trench

Made myself cry on cue

Like actresses do

Like Dame Judy Dench

She's hit the road, right on out my life

I was gonna make that girl become my wife

But I still hate being home alone 




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