ROSES RED (by Peter Preston)

You leave it linger
Hard on my ears
Watch eyelids lately
Welling with tears
And you know
That I know
That we know
That we're no good no more
And that pains me, baby
It's just the danger
You taught me to fear
And I couldn't be gladder
Not if I was twins
You thought you were bad, girl
But look now who wins
I'm steppin' out baby
Out on my own
The highway runs straightly
Wherever I roam
And I don't know
Where I'll go
Whats the cure
But I'm sure
I won't blow
My good cover, baby
'Cause soon I'll be reaping
Some seeds I have sown
Roses Red, and Violets Blue
"And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew" *

*with thanks and acknowledgment to Sir Edmund Spenser

      Peter: Vocals, Harmonica;  Rich: 12-String Guitar, E-bow, Egg;  Steve: Bass, Drums, Slide Guitar, Dulcimer



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