Zen Fuse Box had a great time performing at the historic Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida on November 3, 2013 as part of the Artists for a Cause "Dance for Food" program! 

Defying all logic and preconception, the band convened at the secret lair in Lake Placid, FL on Saturday November 2nd.  After some much-deserved "sittin on the dock" time, Pete left to attend to a private function while Rich and Steve retreated to Jaxson's for their famous "all you can eat" catfish (which turns out to actually be more than you can eat).  As luck would have it free beer was provided courtesy of the Florida State Seminoles.  Much beer was consumed.  Even more cheese was consumed.  We were served by a lovely waitress with an endearing limp.  She told us that some dude purposely stomped on her toe and stole her dog.  We felt so bad that we promised to write a country song for her. Properly nourished, we went back to the lair for some intense rehearsal, which mostly consisted of the tiny fragments of Beatles tunes that we could remember at the time.  (Catch prase of the evening: "You guys want me to re-smother that?")

The next morning, a lovely Main Street breakfast followed a tour of the town's murals and caladium mines.  We then made our way over to Stuart, with Steve driving safely at or below the speed limit at all times.  We arrived at the Lyric just in time for a meet and greet and a run through of the show.  It was our first glimpse at the amazing performance that the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre put together with performers from Sinsational Pole Fitness.  It was an inspiring combination of modern dance and Mallakhamb (pole dancing)!  We were really inspiried by the grace and athleticism of the pole dancers!  What they can do is truly amazing! 

We were lucky enough to watch most of the Dance for Food program from the luxury of our balcony seats.  Kudos to all the dancers who worked hard to make the show a success, and to vocalist and organizer Terry Barber, without whom.... If we were impressed with the run-through, our collective jaws dropped at showtime, when the combination of the lights and costumes really brought the dance to life.  We think our music was pretty cool too.

A word about the music.  Months ago, when we were providing mixes of our songs to be considered for the dancers to work with, Rich and Steve jokingly mentioned that it would all be ok, as long as they didn't pick "Yesterday Always Knows," which we deemed impossible to pull off in a live setting.  Well woudn't you know, they picked that song, which we've come to lovingly refer to as YAK.  Well, we were able to do YAK live.  We YAKKED like we'd being doing it for years!

After the show we rehydrated at the BMerry Gastro Pub, which was a great find for us!  We also took a self-guided walking tour of Stuart, and stumbled back into the BMerry to quench the thirst we'd developed from walking so dang far.

The night was capped off with Pete doing his best Spider Man impression to get us back into our room at the Old Colorado Inn.  We made Rich sleep outside.  He knows why.

You can enjoy the video of our YAK performance on our Youtube page!



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