Happy New Year to all of our friends!

While most of you might have spent New Year's Eve celebrating and over-indulging, 2/3 of ZFB spent that time at work at MPQ Studios laying down some tracks for future projects.  Oh yeah, we over-indulged too, but that's beside the point.

Some significant work was completed on Steve's tune Put Me To Bed, which may appear on our third full-length CD, due for release before the end of time.  We also put the finishing touches on a cover of Led Zeppelin's In the Evening, which will be included on an upcoming project of cover tunes done ZFB-style. 

We also have a title, no music yet, for an inside joke of an instrumental called Linoleum Panama. Time will tell whether that dream will ever fully be realized, but you could ask us what the heck it all means if you'd like.

Lastly, we remain stunned that Taylor Swift Broke Up With Spotify has to date racked up more Spotify listens than the rest of our catalog combined.  Perhaps we should include the lovely Ms. Swift's name in all of our song titles from now on.  Had we thought of this, the tracks from Dogs in Helicopters could have had such evocative titles as:

     Alone With You, Taylor Swift

     Taylor Swift's Junk in the Trunk

     So Long, Taylor Swift

     Taylor Swift: Rock Star

you get the idea...


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