Confused, the first track off ZFB's Dogs in Helicopters, was written by Steve Davis early on the writing sessions for the album.  It was originally written as a plaintive ballad, but ZFB transformed it into a pop-punk anthem suitable as an album-opening track.  The acoustic demo version, as well as the final CD version can be found on and we hope you'll check it out.  If you like the track, consider downloading it from iTunes or Amazon! 

Long before the release of the tune on Dogs in Helicopters, the band premiered it in a live performance with the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre.  A video of the performance can be found at 

While this isn't an obviously Beatles-esque song, the Fab Four are never very far from Steve's subconscious. The very first sounds, Steve murmuring "sugar plum fairy" are a subtle nod to John Lennon's unique way of counting off Beatles tunes in the studio. The final ZFB version contains some other audio nuggets as well.  The "Queen of England" voices at the end of the tune were actually recorded in the band's secret garage hideout in Lake Placid, FL during an extensive and self-indulgent rehearsal session.  In a nod to Alex Lifeson's solo in Rush's "Limelight," the last note of the synth solo in Confused continues to ring until the end of the song. If you listen very closely you'll hear it.

The performances on the CD version are:  Steve on synth, bass, drums, guitar, and vocals;  Rich on guitar and tambourine; and Peter on vocals.

Steve claims that the lyrics to Confused are in no way autobiographical. We're not so sure. 


Woke up on the wrong side of the world again

Last night's choices pounding in my head

A letter bomb was dropped off by my girl, but then

I just can't remember what it said...


I'm Confused

I'm Confused and I don't know what's goin' on

Driving on the wrong side of the boulevard

Barking up the wrong end of the tree

Dealing with a world that's full of disregard

Wondering "what's happening to me?"


I'm Confused

I'm Confused and I don't know what's goin' on

I have tried to make some sense

Of past and future, present tense

But no matter what I do

I just can't make sense of you

I'm Confused, and I don't know what's goin' on 



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