ZFB had a great weekend playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on Saturday, 11/2/19! 

The band convened at Casa Marcil on Friday night, where we ran through our set list - it was the one and only rehearsal we had for this show. Between songs we treated ourselves to beer and pizza and beer and pizza and beer. 

On Saturday, we made our way to Deland, where we stayed at the very accommodating Artisan hotel, which was a mere stumble away from our stage. This made moving our gear nice and easy, and it made getting back to the hotel afterwards easy too, although that process was complicated by the Elysian Space Dust beer.  We got to see a set by the band Bolero, featuring David Oltman on drums. David is also the drummer in Rich's band The Forefathers, and he was sitting in with ZFB for our show, but Steve and Pete hadn't even met him yet! Turns out he did a great job with Bolero and with us. With ZFB he played the cajon (google it) and provided really great energy to our tunes.  Next time we play Deland, we hope he'll join us with a full drum kit! We've taken to calling that idea "going full Dave." 

Anyway, our set was great fun. We started playing at 10:20 p.m. and to our slight dismay the street was nearly empty when we started. But once we got going, we started pulling more and more people in and by the end we had an energetic and appreciative crowd. Our audience included a new friend, whose name we didn't catch because he didn't speak a word of English. He seemed very enthusiastic though, and while he could have been telling us we suck, it seemed like  he liked us! For lack of a better name, we settled on calling him Paco, although that could be because he was mentioning guitarist Paco De Lucia to Rich.  Anyway, we'd love to run into Paco again one day.  You can see Paco playing Rich's guitar if you head on over to our Facebook page.  We didn't think of it in time, but we wish we'd invited some of our dancer friends to perform with us. Next time!  

For those of you who couldn't be there, our set was:

No Lo Se (from Turnpike to Jupiter)

Dreamland (from Zero Down Time)

My Car (as yet unreleased, but it'll show up on a future album for sure)

Strollin' (from Zero Down Time)

Mean Mistreater (from Turnpike to Jupiter)

Bass Solo/Roses Red (from Zero Down Time)

Confused (from Dogs in Helicopters)

Decide Tonight (from Turnpike to Jupiter)

Alone With You (from Dogs in Helicopters)

Bouncy Song (from Rich's The Forefathers album)

Greenhouse Blues (from Zero Down Time)

No Lo Se (reprise)


To recap, next year we go Full Dave, get dancing girls, get Paco on guitar, bring some of Rich's chickens, and hand out free pizza (or Hot Pockets, we haven't quite decided). Now that will be a show! 


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