Dogs in Helicopters, the second full-length CD from Zen Fuse Box, will hit the streets on September 29, 2014! We're stoked to finally get this out to our fans, as we humbly think it is a strong and diverse selection of tunes.  The album will be available at CD Baby - - and iTunes and all the other download sites. We hope you'll check it out and enjoy our work! 

The tracks include Confused and Junk in the Trunk, which have already appeared on our "Confused: The Ep."  Other notable tracks include I'm the One and Super Spy, which feature our friend Alan Stegeman on trumpet.

Other tunes that we particularly like are Escape, which sounds like what driving on an open road with the top down feels like, and Yesterday Always Knows, because, well...pole dance artists like it.  And we hope you'll dig it too!


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