Zen Fuse Box is resting comfortably after a whirlwind 2 day tour of Florida's east coast!

The band convened on Friday, November 3, 2017 at a luxury resort, which we won't name. We won't name it because we moved all of the furniture around and disturbed at least one towel-delivery-person with a one-time, one-song rehearsal, and we don't want to get banned from the place because we might want to go back next year. Rich historically has slept outside on the balcony of said resort, but was dissuaded by memories of ants as well as Pete and Steve's sighting of a particularly hungry looking iguana. Iguana's have a pretty phenomenal grain-to-meat ratio, by the way.

After a band dinner of nachos and sheepshead at Benny's on the Beach, we ventured forth into downtown Lake Worth in search of libations. After passing the much-hated kava place, we found a cool little spot called Revelry, just off the main drag, and just past a really scary looking (and sounding) place that looked like it might be a front for the Russian mob. Not naming that place either, just in case they are watching. After Revelry we hit Rudy's, the site of an unfortunate faux business card fiasco a year earlier. We were armed with more professional looking cards this year, but card swiping opportunities like last year's didn't present themselves. We worked our way back to the hotel, stopping a few too many times for libations along the way. Libations, and taco beef.

Our show on Saturday was at the Duncan Theatre on the grounds of Palm Beach State College. Just like last year, sound check was a breeze, and a highlight of our day was performing Decide Tonight which will be featured on our upcoming album, tentatively entitled Turnpike to Jupiter. We were accompanied by the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre for our performance, and it is always cool to see our songs interpreted into dance. We tried to do that ourselves once, but Rich broke a string, Steve threw his back out, and Pete got a black eye. So we now leave that to the professionals.

Our second show, at the Blake Library Theatre in Stuart, went similarly well. The house sound system was more limited, but we were ably assisted by our friend Andrew Prolow, who made us sound good in a difficult room. Right next door to our show was the Stuart air show, and it was disarming to be strafed by jets when we went out to the car.

As always, we were pleased and proud to be part of both shows, two in a series of "Dance for Food" shows put on by Artists for a Cause to help provide food to the needy in the community. Visit http://www.a4ac.org/Home-Artists-For-A-Cause-Inc.html to learn more. Our thanks to Anna Preston and Terry Barber for allowing us to be part of this event!


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