This past weekend, ZFB convened once again at the fabled MPQ Studio! Our first order of business was the writing and recording of a brand new song, Hey You! It's Your Birthday, a fun little rocker designed to tap into the lucrative birthday clown market! If you're looking for a little insight into the way the guys at ZFB think, listen for the "birthday wish list" part of the song.

With the assistance of our crew of daughters, led by filmmaker Abby Marcil, we also shot a video for the song, which is currently in post-production. It was a late night shoot, and we may have had a few beers,  but we remember dancing around in a garage wearing strange animal masks. We look forward to finding out if this is a real memory or a collective delusion!  

We also completed overdubs on several tracks for our upcoming release, which we hope to finish up early in the new year!  We got some new vocals and an additional guitar on one of Steve's tunes called Outside Looking In.  We also revamped the vocals and added some guitars to Pete's Can Do No Wrong. Additional work was done on Time and Again, and End of Time, as well as Nothing at All.

We are excited about the batch of new tracks that are slated to be released in 2020, and are happy to report that we even have a few tunes left over for the album after that! 


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