As the band finishes up the mixes for our upcoming Turnpike to Jupiter album, we also have been working on even newer music for future release. ZFB got together at MPQ studio over the MLK weekend of 2018 and worked on new tunes, including She's a Liar, Subtropical Christmas (for a planned Christmas EP), Phone Message Song, Outside Looking In, and Porch Light.

We also did a couple of real photo shoots - our first since Zero Down Time was being prepared! One cold January day we went to the beach and took some pretty cool grey-sky pics.  Not only do we look cool, we were freezing!  The next day, which was more temperate, we went to Heritage Village in Pinellas County, FL, and took some nice photos around the old cracker-style homes.

We also drank a fair amount of beer. And nobody's car broke down on the way to the studio or back home!


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