This past weekend, the members of ZFB convened at MPQ studios to celebrate the release of Sound Revival, and to do a commemorative community listen to the new CD.

Of course, we took the opportunity to record, and we made some substantial progress towards our next CD! Among the  existing songs we worked on were Steve's up-tempo rockers "Put Me to Bed," and "Decide Tonight," Peter's dark-happy shuffle "Nothing at All," and Rich's funky tune which we are calling "All Up in that Junk," at least for now. We also worked on the songs "Cartoon," "The World These Days" and pieces of our medley-in-progress.

Most exciting, though, were the brand new song ideas that we fleshed out, which were "No Lo Se" and "John Oliver," which will definitely see the light of day on a future album!

Less exciting was the extremely late night (or was it early-morning) harmonica and percussion jam that may see the light of day in a much-abbreviated fashion. 

While we were recording said jam, our daughters - all five of them - came in and showed us what they'd been working on. They sat down and performed an awesome 2 ukulele/5 vocal arrangement of "Can't Help Falling in Love." It was so great, we immediately recorded it and their first single is in the works.  Look for "Triple A + B S (daughters of zen fuse box)" on Spotify and iTunes in the very near future!

We also had time for a spirited session of pool baseball, some Cajun food, some wings, and lots of beers, the most notable being the Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale.

The word of the weekend? Run.


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