Zen Fuse Box has lots of music in the pipeline for upcoming release! Our next project will be our CD of cover tunes, which include tunes by artists as diverse as our obvious influences, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to bands you might not think we'd cover, such as Daft Punk and The Ting-Tings.  We are looking forward to getting this music out, and we hope you'll feel we put a fresh spin on these great songs!

We also have several tunes in various stages of completion for our third full-length CD of original material, which we'll start to focus on as we complete the covers project.

Rich and Steve also spend a good amount of time during and around New Year's Eve on a quirky little project with the working title of The Situation. It's a series of short little songs that will eventually be sewn together into some form of medley.  The titles so far include Situation, The River Ran Dry, Volcano, So Happy, and The Troll.

Lastly, in a rare bit of thinking ahead, Steve has composed a Christmas tune entitled Hey! Ho! Merry Christmas! which in one form or another will be ready for a holiday release in late 2016.

We hope you have a groovy 2016


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