This past Saturday, May 16th, we were happy to have our buddy Alan Stegeman visit MPQ studio to record some tasty flugelhorn parts on our cover of The Beatles' Norwegian Wood.  Alan is a founding member of the Tomkats Jazz Orchestra, a band that Steve somehow managed to get in as well. Desperate times...

Anyway, in true Zen Fuse Box form, Alan showed up for the recording session completely sober, which we addressed promptly with these weird banana-bread flavored beers.  They were surprisingly good, and clearly they were leftover from a Mad Mad Monkey session at MPQ.  Alan went the extra mile and in the spirit of the tune used a wooden mouthpiece to play his flugel parts.

Some of you might not know what a flugelhorn is.  It's a horn, made of flugel.  We figure that's some kind of pastry but he wouldn't let us taste it.  Anyway he sounded splendid and Steve is having a fun time taking his tracks and turning them inside out, upside down and backwards. 


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