We are excited to report that the recording sessions for our upcoming project of cover songs have been completed!  This weekend ZFB convened at MPQ studios to drink beer.  We also worked on some music, and realized that we were much closer to being done with the covers album than any of us realized. In fact, it turns out we were basically finished!  We even decided on an album title, which will be Sound Revival, unless we change our minds.

Based upon the recent passing of David Bowie, we were moved to create an arrangement of his song, "Absolute Beginners." It came together pretty quickly and will be a fitting coda to the covers album, which we anticipate releasing within the next few months.

Having completed the covers, we set out to work on our next group of original songs. Work was done on Pete's Phone Message Song, which might just be the most stripped-down recording we've ever done.  So far, it's Pete on vocals, Rich on ukulele and Steve on acoustic guitar, playing into just one microphone as a group. 

We also tackled and have nearly completed Decide Tonight, which Steve composed while walking the dog on the morning of the recording session.  Rich and Steve recorded the basic backing track while waiting for Pete to arrive at the studio, and after a brief brainstorming session to finalize the lyrics, we laid the track down and aside from some overdubs that we'll undertake, we pretty much finished that one up too! 

Also on the agenda was doing some vocals on a new track that Rich recorded at his home studio, which began it's life entitled Rich's Funky New Thang.  We haven't yet finalized a better title, but we've tossed around some initial ideas including All Up in That Junk; Junk Chunk; and Blake Griffin. Stay tuned.

We are proud to announce that during the course of the weekend, no children went unaccounted for (at least for long) and the dog didn't even try to escape.

Also, Volcano!....Volcano!....Volcano?


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