Dreamland - from Zero Down Time

DREAMLAND (Music by Rich Marcil/Lyrics by Peter Preston)

"What, now? Alright. You know, one day I just sat down
and started thinking about all the things that people told me
about my life, and how I have to do something
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Greenhouse Blues - from Zero Down Time

GREENHOUSE BLUES  (music by Rich Marcil, lyrics by Peter Preston/Steve Davis)

Hey pretty baby Have you heard them say This place is getting hotter baby Day by day Seems all the things we burn And most the things we do …Read more

Roses Red - from Zero Down Time

ROSES RED (by Peter Preston)

You leave it linger Hard on my ears Watch eyelids lately Welling with tears - And you know That I know That we know That we're no good no more And that pains me, baby …Read more

In the Twilight - from Zero Down Time

IN THE TWILIGHT (music & lyrics by Steve Davis)

The more you learn The less you feel Heaven is not given alone To those who kneel For you are the way And I am the light Alive in the day …Read more

Back Home - from Zero Down Time

BACK HOME   (lyrics by Peter Preston/music by Rich Marcil)

I am here Back home - Again Again and again and again Time and again and again Again and again and again
Not sure where or when Headin' around the next …Read more

Strollin' - from Zero Down Time

STROLLIN'   (by Peter Preston)

She goes strollin' Down and on her way And I can't see her The time when she's away - Why should I care Where the girl has gone? When I know soon enough She'll be back …Read more

Silly Stuff - from Zero Down Time

SILLY STUFF (written by Steve Davis)

When I try to write a song about my love I find that it is really very tough The words don't come easily enough And I end up writing only silly stuff, like - …Read more