Spring Update from ZFB!

With the start of Spring, we continue to work in socially-distant and covid conscious ways!  This past week, Steve spent some time in the mountains of North Carolina, where ZFB classics including Flat Rock and Yesterday Always Knows were composed. Steve reports that he has written two instrumental pieces of music, that may be developed into full songs for a future project!

Meanwhile, back in our home base of Florida, Rich set up an outdoor pop-up studio, where he and Pete worked on overdubs for our cover of "I Will Follow," as well as recording a demo for one of Pete's new originals. The chickens, who reside in the coop in the first photo, seemed to approve of the session, so we have high hopes!

Our current plan is that our next release will be another collection of cover songs, although we've never been great at following plans. So far, we've recorded ZFB versions of U2's "I Will Follow," Gary Numan's "Cars" and Donnie Iris' "Ah! Leah!"  We are still deciding on what other songs we should tackle. Any suggestions? 

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