Greenhouse Blues (Pre-ZFB Trippy Version)

The recording of this version of Greenhouse Blues predates the existence of Zen Fuse Box. It was recorded by Rich and Steve at Rich's home studio, maybe back before we even met Pete! No one is exactly sure when we met Pete, so it's a mystery for the ages. This was an instrumental knocked around by Rich's other band The Forefathers as part of their live set, but was never recorded on one of their albums. Steve, having sat in with that band on occasion, was familiar with the tune, so it made sense to lay down a weird little version of it whilst enjoying a few adult beverages. Somehow, the recording didn't get lost to the vagaries of time, so we are happy to present this fun little time capsule as part of the Zero Down Time anniversary project! 

Greenhouse Blues (Pre-ZFB Trippy Version) - Spotify

Greenhouse Blues (Pre-ZFB Trippy Version) - YouTube


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