Hit Stop Now (Essence of it All Remix)

On every one of our albums, there are a few self-indulgent moments. This is one of the biggest. Originally a "hidden track" on the Zero Down Time cd, "Hit Stop Now (You Have Been Warned)" isn't a song, but more of a psychedelic audio collage. 

For this remix, we shortened it to its most essential elements, including the whispered discussion between Pete and Rich, (Extra bonus points if anyone can identify the book from which Pete was reading), and the ukulele outro by Steve that recaps lyrics from several of the albums' songs. 

But the best part of this remix is an appearance from the Daughters of Zen of 10 years ago, when they ranged in age from 6-10 years old and were also known as the Unsupervised Daughters Chorus. We brought them into the studio when we needed some backing vocals, and left them to their own devices otherwise. On the original "Hit Stop Now," we flipped their voices into reverse and detuned them, resulting in a creepy effect. For this remix, we took them out of reverse gear, put them back to their original pitch, and were shocked by how young they were when this band started!

Hit Stop Now (Essence of it All Remix) - Spotify

Hit Stop Now (Essence of it All Remix) - YouTube

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