In the Twilight (Crack O' Dawn Remix)

In the Twilight was one of the songs Steve composed for our debut album. While the original mix is certainly enjoyable, we always felt that it didn't live up to the song's full potential. That's why Steve decided to remix…


Home Alone (Drumbotron Abbreviation)

A nugget from our 10th Anniversary of Zero Down Time album, the "Home Alone (Drumbotron Abbreviation)" is Steve's drum solo contained within the original tune. It's noteworthy for inclusion, as it's the only documented extended drum solo Steve has recorded…


Roses Red (Violet Blue Remaster)

"Roses Red" was a song that Pete brought into the band during the fabled weekend section for the Zero Down Time album. Pete's country influences are apparent here, and this song was written with the great Patsy Cline in mind…


Like This (Fonkadelic Remix)

The new "fonkedelic" remix of "Like This" from 10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time, contains a few fun surprises. In addition to the general clean up and EQ touches, we added a few bars here and there for dramatic…


Silly Stuff (Fog Lifted Remix)

The second track on our 10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time project is the Fog Lifted Remix of "Silly Stuff." Mostly we just cut a bunch of reverb (hence, the "fog lifted" designation). We also deleted the radio-flip intro…


Greenhouse Blues (Bodacious Remix)

From our latest album of 10th anniversary remixes, here’s “Greenhouse Blues!” This was a tune that Rich played with The Forefathers long before ZFB was born. A couple of times Steve was even spotted filling in with that band. Enter…

10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time!

We are really excited to announce the release of our latest album, "10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time." 

It's hard to believe today is 10 years (to the day!) since the release of our debut album! It's even harder…


New Music!

We are excited to have 2 new projects coming out so very, very soon!  More details to follow, but on 12/10/20 we're releasing 10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time, a remix of selected tracks from our debut CD! The…

Je Ne Sais Pas

What is Steve doing here? Perhaps all will be revealed in the future. Or perhaps he's just had too much Fireball.


Ah! Leah!

Our latest single is out! We covered the Donnie Iris 80's hit Ah! Leah! This is our first project to be completed while working remotely, each from our own studios, and we think it worked pretty damn well! We recorded…


Europa Tang

The Forefathers - Europa Tang


Rich's other band, The Forefathers, has been busy too! Check out their video for Europa Tang, which may or may not sound a little like our song Space Force: The Official Anthem

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