New Music!

We are excited to have 2 new projects coming out so very, very soon!  More details to follow, but on 12/10/20 we're releasing 10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time, a remix of selected tracks from our debut CD! The…

Je Ne Sais Pas

What is Steve doing here? Perhaps all will be revealed in the future. Or perhaps he's just had too much Fireball.


Ah! Leah!

Our latest single is out! We covered the Donnie Iris 80's hit Ah! Leah! This is our first project to be completed while working remotely, each from our own studios, and we think it worked pretty damn well! We recorded…


Europa Tang

The Forefathers - Europa Tang


Rich's other band, The Forefathers, has been busy too! Check out their video for Europa Tang, which may or may not sound a little like our song Space Force: The Official Anthem

Compare and…


Try It Now! Recordings complete

With the recording of a few acoustic guitar overdubs by Steve this evening, we are excited to say that the recording sessions for our upcoming album Try It Now! are complete.



The boys of Zen Fuse Box safely Zoomed Thursday eve to plan the final touches of our new album due out soon! Album title, artwork, and track order were discussed. Other important items deliberated included the chemical properties of sugar-cubes…


Recording Remotely

It's way more fun to get together at MPQ Studio to record, but these days we can't do that. We're still figuring out how best to keep working while staying apart, and our first project is a cover of U2's…


ZFB Influences

We decided to jump on the Facebook "post 10 influential album covers" bandwagon! Head on over to our Facebook page to see each of our picks for what has influenced us most. It explains a lot. But most of what…


The Original Lyrics Dream Radio Show 2/27/20

Pete appeared on behalf of ZFB on the Original Lyrics Dream Radio Show podcast on February 27, 2020! Many insightful and informative things were discussed, and some of our music was played, namely Greenhouse Blues from the debut cd and…


Can Do No Wrong

Work continues on the upcoming Zen Fuse Box collection of songs! This weekend, considerable work was done on the rap-rock tune Can Do No Wrong. We look forward to unleashing this collection of tunes on an unsuspecting world sometime before…