Can Do No Wrong 

Work continues on the upcoming Zen Fuse Box collection of songs! This weekend, considerable work was done on the rap-rock tune Can Do No Wrong. We look forward to unleashing this collection of tunes on an unsuspecting world sometime before the End of Time (which reminds us, that's another song that needs mixing!

Hey You! It's Your Birthday - Video now on Youtube! 

We are excited to announce the release of our latest music video, "Hey You! It's Your Birthday," which is totally not an attempt to get people to link us on their friends' social media pages on their birthdays. Abby Marcil produced the video, which stars the Daughters of Zen (Rebecca and Alison Davis, Anna Marcil, and Sylvia Preston). Also featured are three musicians in animal masks. Are they us? We ain't telling. The story takes the Daughters from a lame birthday celebration to a surreal garage-rock…

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Deland Original Music Festival 

ZFB had a great weekend playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on Saturday, 11/2/19! 

The band convened at Casa Marcil on Friday night, where we ran through our set list - it was the one and only rehearsal we had for this show. Between songs we treated ourselves to beer and pizza and beer and pizza and beer. 

On Saturday, we made our way to Deland, where we stayed at the very accommodating Artisan hotel, which was a mere stumble away from our stage. This made moving our gear nice and easy, and it…

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Deland Original Music Festival Coming Up! 

We are looking forward to playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on 11/2/19!  We'll be playing at 10:20 p.m. on the stage outside the Half Wall craft beer house on Indiana Ave! C'mon out and cheer us on!  

Nearing completion of our upcoming album! 

This past weekend, ZFB convened once again at the fabled MPQ Studio! Our first order of business was the writing and recording of a brand new song, Hey You! It's Your Birthday, a fun little rocker designed to tap into the lucrative birthday clown market! If you're looking for a little insight into the way the guys at ZFB think, listen for the "birthday wish list" part of the song.

With the assistance of our crew of daughters, led by filmmaker Abby Marcil, we also shot a video for the song, which is…

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ZFB B52s! 

 Zen Fuse Box and adjunct member and special guest star Alan Stegeman had a blast at the B-52s show this evening! Also on the bill were 80's icons Berlin and OMD. 


Tomorrow Never Knows 

Our latest single is available for you to enjoy! We're excited to release our psychedelic tribute to The Beatles with our rendition of their classic Tomorrow Never Knows, which is one of our favorites from their Revolver album. This one features Rich on some trippy guitars and spoken word, Steve on lead vocals and bass, and Pete on lead vocals and harmonica. Stick around for the short vignette at the end which recounts Rich's beer spilling on the studio floor (a fairly common occurrence).

Some Mountain Songwriting 

Steve is spending some time in the mountains of North Carolina, and is strumming away at his acoustic guitar in the cool, clean air. Hopefully some of this strumming will result in a new ZFB song or two! 

What It Is 

Steve is busy in the studio working on the mix for a new rocker called What It Is.

Our catalog So Far 

With the release of Turnpike to Jupiter looming, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at our chronology of our releases to date:

12/21/10 Zero Down Time - our debut full length CD

12/03/13 Confused: The EP - an collection of new and old tunes, plus some rarities

09/29/14 Dogs in Helicopters -our second full length CD

11/14/14 Taylor Swift Broke Up With Spotify - single

01/09/15 Old Ed's Eye (Are You Representing Beyoncé?) - single

01/20/15 Old Ed's Other Eye (For Team Jay-Z) -single

11/23/15 Greenhouse

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