We the People - A Deeper Dive 

For those wanting a deeper dive, we humbly present the guys’ thoughts on We the People, the first track on our 2021 album Try It Now! The genesis of the song was an instrumental arrangement by Rich, so we’ll let him go first: 


     In August 2017, like most Americans I watched the events from the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, with shock and disgust.  I also witnessed, in a peaceful display of strength against hate, that many counter-protesters came to Charlottesville.  Sadly…

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Try It Now! 

Happy New Year!  


We are pleased to announce the release of our new album Try It Now!  It's been a long time in the making and now that we are in 2021 we thought it was the time to get the album out to you!  

Of course you can hear the whole thing on Spotify: Try It Now!

And you can also find it on YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere else!

For those of you who still like physical CDs, like we do, head on over here: Buy a CD!

We really do think this is our best overall collection of…

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Hit Stop Now (Essence of it All Remix) 

On every one of our albums, there are a few self-indulgent moments. This is one of the biggest. Originally a "hidden track" on the Zero Down Time cd, "Hit Stop Now (You Have Been Warned)" isn't a song, but more of a psychedelic audio collage. 

For this remix, we shortened it to its most essential elements, including the whispered discussion between Pete and Rich, (Extra bonus points if anyone can identify the book from which Pete was reading), and the ukulele outro by Steve that recaps lyrics from several…

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Greenhouse Blues (Pre-ZFB Trippy Version) 

The recording of this version of Greenhouse Blues predates the existence of Zen Fuse Box. It was recorded by Rich and Steve at Rich's home studio, maybe back before we even met Pete! No one is exactly sure when we met Pete, so it's a mystery for the ages. This was an instrumental knocked around by Rich's other band The Forefathers as part of their live set, but was never recorded on one of their albums. Steve, having sat in with that band on occasion, was familiar with the tune, so it made sense to lay down…

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Secrets You Keep (Low Budget Demo) 

Secrets You Keep is the last proper song on our debut album, and that version is a heavy, dark arrangement reminiscent of Pink Floyd's more aggressive tunes. Steve wrote the song after watching an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which may be the only good thing about that show.

This "Low Budget Demo" version is just Steve on acoustic guitar and vocals, and was originally meant to preserve the song in order to teach it to the other guys. We never thought that 10 years later this humble demo would…

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Strollin' (Funny Walkin' Remix) 

Strollin' was a tune Pete brought into the band in the very early days, and it's rumored this is the first song he wrote while he was learning some elementary guitar chords. For the longest time, Steve and Rich called this song Absence, until it's true title was revealed to us. This remix is mostly a cleanup and re-EQ kind of thing, resulting in a more punchy and present sounding tune.

We remember being really excited to hear this played on WMNF radio's Traffic Jam program back in the day! It was the first…

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Back Home (No Pants Zoom Remix)  

Here’s the No Pants Zoom remix of “Back Home!” This song became the first collaboration between ZFB and the Preston Contemporary Dance Theatre in a really fun performance at The Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida.

The video of that show can be found on our YouTube channel. 

This version is a stripped down version, presenting the essential trio elements of the song.


Back Home (No Pants Zoom Remix) - Spotify

Back Home (No Pants Zoom Remix - Youtube

In the Twilight (Crack O' Dawn Remix) 

In the Twilight was one of the songs Steve composed for our debut album. While the original mix is certainly enjoyable, we always felt that it didn't live up to the song's full potential. That's why Steve decided to remix the song in acknowledgment of the 10th anniversary of the Zero Down Time album. Of course, he went overboard and we got a full 11-track cd out of it, but this song is the genesis of the remix idea.

This new mix is more punchy and tight. The main difference is the deletion of two strummy…

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Home Alone (Drumbotron Abbreviation) 

A nugget from our 10th Anniversary of Zero Down Time album, the "Home Alone (Drumbotron Abbreviation)" is Steve's drum solo contained within the original tune. It's noteworthy for inclusion, as it's the only documented extended drum solo Steve has recorded for ZFB to date. Attentive listeners may notice that the drums quote the melody of the "still hate being home alone" lyric on the tom-toms.

At the beginning of the track is the radio-flip intro that opens the original Zero Down Time album, included here…

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