New Video for "Chicago" on YouTube! 

We are stoked that our latest video is now up on YouTube!  

Check it out here: and while you're there we'd be grateful if you'd like and subscribe!

Chicago is our cover of the Sufjan Stevens tune from our album, Audio Dropouts, Vol 1. 

We had a fantastic time filming this one on Madeira Beach in Pinellas County, Florida, outside a random white van in Largo, and at Heritage Village in Largo, Florida. Special thanks to Abby Marcil for her fantastic videography and…

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In Your Eyes, From Audio Dropouts Vol. 1 

This song was originally on Peter Gabriel's 1986 album, So, and peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100. Our commentary about our humble cover version lies beneath.

Steve: This one was chosen for us by fate. We were having lunch at the Angry Pepper (one of our go-to spots) and we decided that we would cover whatever came on the jukebox after our food arrived. We nervously sat through a few songs that we thought were impossible, and when we got our food, this came on! I wasn't sure how we'd do, but I think…

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Up From the Skies, from Audio Dropouts, Vol. 1 

"Up from the Skies" is originally from Jimi Hendrix's 1968 album "Axis: Bold as Love." Jimi is a hard artist to tackle, as he has a singular style that is difficult to approach!  However, we approached it and said, “heeeey, how's it going?”  Our thoughts on over cover version are below:

Steve: Pete suggested this one, and I think we accomplished a nice little bit of psychedelia here! The track is pretty stripped-down by our standards, and particularly like the envelope filter sound that Rich uses, and theRead more

Zen Fuse Box at the Deland Original Music Festival - 11/04/23 

     We had a great time playing at the Deland Original Music Festival on November 4, 2023!  In addition to Peter Preston on vocals and harmonica, Rich Marcil on guitar, and Steve Davis on bass and backing vocals, we were joined by Dave Oltman (aka “The Full Dave”) on drums.  Dave has performed with us several times, and he's a true team player and comes to these shows better prepared than we do!

     We played at the picturesque Chess Park in downtown Deland, which is a stage we've always admired.  Last…

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Brutal, From Audio Dropouts Vol. 1 

Brutal is one of our favorites from Audio Dropouts, Vol. 1, and it has become a staple of our live set. We released this one as a single in 2021 as we were working through recording and mixing the rest of the album.  The artwork for the single was a photo by the talented Abby Marcil, who has also produced several videos for us!

Brutal was originally recorded by Olivia Rodrigo for her 2021 debut album, “Sour.” The song hit #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Here are ZFB's notes about their cover version:


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ZFB in the Studio Again! 

We had a great time gathering at MPQ Studio for the weekend of October 6-8, 2023!  Among other agenda items, we finished up the recording sessions for our forthcoming second volume of Audio Dropouts, a collection of cover tunes withe ZFB versions of The Monkees I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, and Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska

We also worked on some new material including a piece entitled Bulletproof, and did a bit of rehearsal for our upcoming performance in Deland, Florida in November!

Ah! Leah! from Audio Dropouts, Vol. 1 

Ah! Leah! is the first track on our 2023 covers album, Audio Dropouts, Vol. 1.

We originally released this one as a single back in 2020 as we were working through the production of the full album!  This song was originally released in 1980 by Donnie Iris, on his album "Back on the Streets." The song peaked at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Here's what the guys in ZFB say about our cover version:

Steve: This was our first commissioned work. We were hired by our friend Leah to record this song as the theme for…

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Audio Dropouts, Volume 1!  

On September 15, 2023, we finally released Audio Dropouts, Vol. 1, which is our second full-length collection of cover tunes! The album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and physical CD copies and downloads can be found at our new Bandcamp site!

Tracks on the album are:

  1. Ah! Leah! - Donnie Iris
  2. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
  3. Brutal - Olivia Rodrigo
  4. I Feel Fine - The Beatles
  5. Overkill - Men at Work
  6. Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps
  7. Masters of War -…
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Delandapalooza 2023! 

We had a great time performing at Delandapalooza 2023!  We've had lots of fun at this festival in the past, but we this year we had the best time (top golf)! Our set was at the Abbey bar, right in the heart of the action. We've heard the bar was previously called Hamm's, aka Red's, but we've yet to obtain a credible source for this information.

Our set was:

No Lo Se (from our 2018 Turnpike to Jupiter album)

Confused (from our 2014 Dogs in Helicopters album)

Roses Red (from our 2010 debut album Zero Down Time)


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