Zensational!  ***** Stars author: Alan Stegeman For me a cross between "Beatles', "Pink Floyd" and "Frank Zappa". Strange?....maybe.......Cool?....absolutley! Worth the money to check out?.......More fun than a bucket of wings and a pitcher of beer for the same price. This CD is very well done and I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Maybe a little bit of a spoiler but....................that mystery 15th cut is great. Looking forward to a follow up CD by this group. Were your problems solved this way before your fix with the zen fuse box?  ***** Stars author: Rajeesh, Kerala, India I have got a zen fuse box fixed having a better fuse in it of 40. ”

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 Awesome debut effort!What a fun and diverse CD! It is clear that these guys are enjoying what they do, and that they have a very diverse set of influences. The songs on this disc cut a very wide swath of musical styles, but somehow the band maintains its own unique identity. This CD is definitely worth hearing, and is recommended for fans of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and alternative indie music.Submitted by William D (St. Petersburg, FL)”

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The following are unsolicited and 100% authentic* testimonials - - I am still uncertain if I have heard the new Zen Fuse Box album, or if, in fact, a portal was temporarily opened in my skull to an alternate musical multiverse of magical tune-age. I think I did hear the album, though". Fred S., Two Egg, FL. -"Zen Fuse Box rocks so hard they are totally off the Moh's scale". Irvin G., Roswell, NM. -"If ignorance is bliss then Zen Fuse Box is so ignorant you won't know what hit you". Lao T., Beijing. - ZFB has not only succeeded in dividing by zero, they have left a remainder of infinity". Anonymous mathematician.  -"They way that they perform causes me to wish I was in an intimate relationship with any and/or all of them. I wish to bear their children". Unduly influenced anonymous female fan. -"Zen Fuse Box makes every other so-called 'band' in the market sound like crude rhythms tapped out on cracked kettles fit only for bears to dance to". Anonymous fan channeling Gustave Flaubert. -"They don't suck". Anonymous band member's parent. -"Zen Fuse Box are game-changers, paradigm shifters, they are to all other previous music what that the internal-combustion engine was to the horse, what Einstein was to Newtonian physics, what sliced bread was to an un-cut loaf". D. H., Lawrenceville, KS. -"When I and my band-mates got through merely the first trio of tracks we swore a blood oath to dis-band, destroy our instruments, and burn down our practice space down at the U-Rent. I'm not really supposed to talk about that last part until the case is settled". Joe "Big Momma" Meare, former drummer for Dogs in Helicopters. - I can't comment right now...gotta get back to my sworn commitment to continuously listening to the new Zen Fuse Box over and over again 'til death, or a sophomore effort from the band, does us part". K.L., Kotzebue, AK.   *the word "authentic" as used in this context is not meant to mean true, real or accurate.”