I'm the One

I'M THE ONE (lyrics by Peter Preston; music by Steve Davis & Rich Marcil) - from the Zen Fuse Box album Dogs in Helicopters

(CHORUS)       Just another kind of free-form rock & roll –

                     Make you groove y’ soul & maybe want to tap y’ toe – (NX)

(SEGUE)         “Woo yeah” (4X) :You get dealt a bad hand “Woo yeah”

                     Or you play your cards poor “Woo yeah” (2X):

                    “Institutionalized, I have been institutionalized

(RAP ONE)       I’m the one you institutionalized

                     Comin’ at y’ drug-free head full of your lies

                     Got some military trainin’ in the last jihad

                     Done some prison time to get my body rock hard

                     I got a GED & a head full of God

                     Messages blarin’ from a stolen i-pod

                     I been to all the liquor bars hangin’ with the bar flies

                     Sunday school picnics with thin black ties, little white lies

                     Dig my short ‘do & my 4X4

                     My thrush tattoo & the girl next door


RAP TWO:       I’m the one that’s got a good thing goin’

                     Got a groove goin’ on & the words are flowin’

                     You don’t know you’re on a leash if you sit by the peg

                     If you get it all for free then you don’t got to beg

                     Where the beat’s at, there you’ll find me

                     With a big amplifier right behind me

                     Tryin’ to freak you out w/all the things I say

                     Why you tryin’ so hard to deny me?

                      I hate the man – rage against the machine

                      Can’t begin to tell you where all I been

                      It’s enough to make a grown man cuss

                      It’s got my hippocampus all caddywampus

                        (CHORUS) (NX)

RAP THREE:    Zen Fuse Box music; absolutely relentless

                     It’ll have you questioning reality like “David After Dentist” (“Is this real life?”)

                     Hoopin’ and hollerin’ and writhin’ in pain

                     Beggin’ us to do it again and again

                     It hurts so good you’ll want it to linger

                     Like Charlie done did bit your finger (“Ow, Charlie”)

                     No need to fret, no need to fuss

                     ‘cause we on the mother like Oedipus (“Bombalobombax!”)

                     Don’t mean to boast, don’t mean to brag

                     We’re rollin’ & rollin’ like…zig-zag, (“420”)

                     All the other rock bands will leave you wanting

                     Zen Fuse Box….it’s haunting.

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