Brutal (Olivia Rodrigo Cover)

Hey fans, friends and fiends!  Our latest single has dropped on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, blah, blah, blah!

This one is our cover of Olivia Rodrigo's Brutal, which will also be featured on our upcoming collection of cover songs, tentatively titled Audio Dropouts.

As we were choosing songs to include on our covers project, we were looking for a contemporary song to cover, since our other choices seemed to skew a bit older. As luck would have it, Steve's daughter was playing Olivia Rodrigo's Sour album in the car, and when Brutal came on, Steve knew this would be something we would enjoy recording.

Our version includes Rich on a series of electric guitars, Pete on lead vocals, and Steve on bass and acoustic guitar. Steve programmed the drums and synths too, and sang a little bit here and there. All five Daughters of Zen make a backing vocal appearance too!  And of course, the song poses the band's perennial question, "what about the slide thing?"

We are thankful to Abby Marcil for the cover art photo! 

Zen Fuse Box - Brutal - Spotify

Zen Fuse Box - Brutal - YouTube

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