Silly Stuff (Fog Lifted Remix)

The second track on our 10th Anniversary Re-Imaginations of Zero Down Time project is the Fog Lifted Remix of "Silly Stuff." Mostly we just cut a bunch of reverb (hence, the "fog lifted" designation). We also deleted the radio-flip intro and the ending trombone blast. If you love those things, they still exist on the original, which we continue to wholeheartedly endorse! Other modifications include cutting out the drums on the bridge and some general clean up.

Silly Stuff has the distinction of being the only song that wasn't recorded during the fabled weekend when the entire rest of the proper songs (not including some of the interlude-type-stuff) for Zero Down Time were recorded.  As the songs were being mixed, it seemed we needed an up-tempo opening song, so Steve penned this one. It's a lament about his frustration with trying to write a love song that isn't full of the usual tropes. The working title was "Peppy Opening Number," which got changed along the way.

Silly Stuff (Fog Lifted Remix) - YouTube


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