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Written by Peter, who says that "this tune should have felt right at home going UK national on a "roots rock" show. I hesitate to call myself a fan of country because these days that seems synonymous with "pop-country" which ain't my thang. I learned guitar chords from a Hank Sr. songbook and I'm a fan of rockabilly and roots country: Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Buddy Holly, and his old bassist, Waylon Jennings...that kind of thing. Split-Lip Rayfield, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rocket 88, Bela Fleck, and many others are keeping the sound snowballing like a house of fire. Basically, I wrote "Roses Red" after overdosing on a double live album of Patsy Cline. I tossed in some folksy witticisms for the lyrics, and then went high-brow by lifting that last line from Edmund Spenser's "Faerie Queen", which gives the song its title. I couldn't be gladder if I were twins at the final product that emerged through the zen-like fuse-ing box we call ZFB."